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Thesis Series

Talk and Play

Metaphorical Toy-like Jewellery

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Artist Statement


Inspired by my personal experience of ephemeral relationships and connections, the Talk and Play series has taken the forms of iconic childhood toys to emphasize the multi- faceted forms of interaction. By combining the toy forms with the philosophical concepts, each piece is portraying different essences and forms of human interactions.  

It is realized that games have never been restricted to any cultural or linguistic boundaries, and able to link people together through joyful experiences. The symbolic meaning of growth and building relationships are illustrated through the use of wood. Not only because of its strength, durability and lightness, the welcoming material triggers the sense of warmth and the desire to touch, which ties back to the intention of interaction.

Referencing to familiar toys and enhancing its meaning by embedding different theories, each piece brings a unique experience hoping to relate to personal memories and relationships. Using the philosophies of the concentric circle and synchronicity, and the psychological theories of honest signaling and reward theory, the pieces illustrates the concepts by placing the human figures in flux or having movable compartments. Its constantly changeable parts depict the scene of constantly colliding, meeting and interacting with different individuals. 

Map Ring



Double Ring



SterlingSilver, 18-Karat Gold, Hard Maple Wood, Rare Earth Magnets


3 x 4 x 1.6 cm


Map Ring uses the concepts of the physical and magnetic attraction, and explores the essence of bonding between individuals. The two-finger rings have sets of compelling and impelling magnets underneath the figures that make them attracted to or disconnected from each other to illustrate the scene of meeting with people. The design is inspired by the play set, Polly Pocket, in which the small figures can pop onto certain areas of the dollhouse and be moved around following a rail. 





SterlingSilver, 18-Karat Gold, Hard Maple Wood, Colored Copper Wire, Brass, StainlessSteel


5 x 3.5 x 2cm


Paths is a brooch that is inspired by the concept of synchronicity and emphasizes on the randomness of how individuals bypass or meet each other. The piece takes inspiration from one of the most recognizable toys that toddlers would play: the wire frame bead toy.  During the process of learning and growing, one experiences from having interacted a lot with family and friends to notice that each person is walking their own paths. They constantly meet and collide with each other. Primary colors are used to make the trails because they are one of the first colors that children learn (and also knowing how to mix them for an unlimited range of colors); it symbolizes the learning and exploring process.




SterlingSilver, 18- Karat Gold, Hard Maple Wood


9 x 5 x 4 cm


The ring and the set of pendant and earrings adopt the philosophies of synchronicity (緣份) and concentric circle, a theory that is first introduced by the ancient Greek philosopher, Diogenes. The wire forms are made into approximate spheres to portray the concentric circle by having tighter spaces between inner part of the from, and more dramatic curves on the outer edge that make the figures pass by quicker, unless they happen to meet each other side by side.

Telephone Cups 


Set of Brooches


SterlingSilver, Hard Maple Wood, Waxed Acrylic String, Stainless Steel, Rare EarthMagnets


8 x 6 x 6 cm (each)


Referencing to theories of honest signal and the reward theory, a set of brooches is made appropriating the telephone cups that young children would play with. Itsymbolizes the direct and honest conversation that requires two people to talkand listen patiently. There are magnets attached to the ends of the string andthe bottom of the brooches, so that the two people have a choice of linking orseparating to each other. It is also suggesting that individuals are interestedin connecting with people who are similar to them, and also proposes that anopenness to influence is important in building a relationship, and which peopleshould actively engage in conversations. The set of brooches creates the chancefor the wearers to bond and relate to each other quickly; it also requires goodcooperation for the two to move and do any activities when they are connected.

Tic Tac Toe 





SterlingSilver, Brass, Hard Maple Wood, Rare Earth Magnets


5 x 3 x 2.1 cm


It is known that individuals are sometimes able to know each other by showing a sense of humour and by the act of playing. It is pointed out that games are a universal activity that has never been restricted to any cultural or linguistic boundaries, and they are able to link people together. The tic-tac-toe is chosen as subject of one of the pieces because it is a game that most people are familiar with. It involves two people to spend some intimate time with each other, and triggers the experience of guessing and expecting.

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